Back in the early 1700’s, a noble home became the heart of a thriving plantation in the area that once supplied most of the world’s rice. Today, that same home can be enjoyed by you as a resident in Beneventum Plantation.

We invite you to explore this exclusive gated community; to see how we’ve preserved her heritage while adding a few modern touches that will surely enrich your life.

There’s something different about you. Something special. You answer the call to live where nature and history have merged in a magical setting. That setting is Beneventum Plantation.

During our Friends and Family Program, only a select number of uncommonly beautiful homesites will be released to a private audience. Will you be among them? Step inside and begin the journey.


  equal housing The amenities and features described are based on current development plans, which are subject to change without notice. Actual development may not be as current as proposed. No guarantee is made that the features described herein will be built or, if built, will be as described. Obtain the property report required by Federal law and read it before signing anything. No Federal agency has judged the merits of value, if any, of this property. This material shall not constitute a valid offer in any state where prior registration is required.